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Jiawen Meng
Technical Adviser
Mr. Meng is a civil engineer with more than 30 years of working experience, serving as a technical consultant for We Vision.
During the modeling process of some projects, we often encounter difficulties in the structure of buildings that we don't quite understand.
As a technical consultant, Mr. Meng will explain these questions to us at any time, help us increase the professional knowledge for modelers,
and greatly improve the efficiency of work.

Brand Design VP
Walter graduated from the University of Hong Kong and is the core person of We Vision. Attention to detail, perfectionism
and a strict and responsible work attitude are his characteristic. You can often see that he is thinking about detail at work.
Senior Project Manager
Proficient in Japanese and English, with 8 years of project experience. Responsible for developing new customers,
maintain old customers and supervise the smooth progress of the project.
If you have any complaints about the project, you can always contact Joy, she will solve your problems quickly.

Project Assistant
Lisa is a careful and responsible girl with many years of project experience and is able to translate in English and Japanese.
With her professional attitude, every project can be completed smoothly and on time under her follow up.
Vincent has 9 years of project experience and is very skilled in the details of the model.
No matter how complex the model is, he will do it accurately and quickly.
He is more inclined to work at night. He said that the tranquility of the night allows him to concentrate on work.

Render artist
Nick was an amateur photographer before becoming a renderer. Because of this experience, he Have a keen sense of color and light and shadow.
His renderings focus on the effect of light on space, and are good at Day view. His greatest hobbies are travel and photography.
Render artist
Different from other people, Bill chose to be a renderer because of hobbies. Just because of this, He often takes the initiative to learn rendering techniques and refers to the works of excellent renderers around the world to improve his skill level.
Interest is the best teacher. I think, this is precisely why he has been able to Keep the passion for rendering for the past nine years.

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