Information Checklist for Client
Work flow
Time frame
Additional expenses
1. Site plan, elevations, floor plans in dwg and / or 3D model in Sketchup, 3D Max, Revit, Rhino, dwg
2. Color / material information & Landscape information
3. Furniture style, layout, ceiling plan, decoration details for interiors
4. Desired view angles and its lighting condition (time of the day, sun angle)
5. Desired rendering style and quality with reference image 6. Other special requirements
1. Information provides 【Client】
2. Model and view angle -- 1500 px  (WV Team)
3. Confirmation of acceptance 【Client】
4. Rendering and post work -- 1500 px  (WV Team)
5. Confirmation of acceptance【Client】
6. Final delivery without watermark -- 4000 px  (WV Team)
1. Ordinary project (small & simple): 3-5 days
-   model: 1-2 days
-   render & post work: 2-3 days
2. Typical project (big & complicated): 7 days and above
-   model: 2-3 days
-   render & post work: 3-4 days
(The time schedule can change and adjust according to the clients' requirement, project scale, quantity of rendered angles, ect)
Condition of additional fees:
1. Camera angles changes after move into rendering stage.
2. Model design changes during rendering stage.
3. Model and rendering mood changes after final high res images.
* The completeness of the above info will lead to the quotation changes.
* Contains correction 3-5 rounds.

Info Preparation
HD Pictures
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